BNR34 Visiting Teretto and Evasive

The wait is over, I've finally been able to update the last bit of my LA tour after my long trip in Asia!  How can you not visit the Toretto's house and market while you are in LA.  It was a 40 min drive from Playa Vista, which was where I stayed for the week.  

I bet all of you have watched The Fast and Furious series and I am sure all of you are familiar with the Toretto's house.  It has been on my must-visit list for the longest time. I have read a lot of online reviews that the owner of this place will go absolute furious over tourists and visitors.  I can only imagine how annoying it must be to have random people touring your house every single day.  We decided to do just take some photos as quickly as possible without disturbing anyone. Luckily, no one came out with a shotgun at our face. -One thing off the bucket list.BNR34 Skyline GTR bayside blue CW collective 08.jpg

Hin and I were being the ultimate fanboys.

After the quick photos, we decided to head to the market for some tuna sandwich.  Unfortunately, they don't sell tuna no more so we bought water. The Market is 1 min from the house.  I would assume that they would get a lot of business from the fan boys. 


In Los Angeles, how could you not take your time to tour around the city and visit a couple of the biggest shop you see in the world!  I've made trips to ImporTuner, SuperStreet, Turbo magazine, and also Evasive motorsports.BNR34 Skyline GTR bayside blue CW collective 07.jpg

Since we were going take a 1900 km drive home from Los Angeles back to Vancouver. I decided to get a set of Yokohama AD08R 295/30R18 to replace the Nitto NT01. Thank you, Yokohama, for hooking me up with these tires under such short notice!

I would like to thank Lerry from Skyline Syndicate and Tony at Evasive who took extra care of me during this trip. My car is way too low and with the under tray,  it is almost impossible to jack up the car. 

Meanwhile, Tony gave us a tour around the shop. Seeing all these magazine/time attack cars in person really blew my mind. 

Evasive CW collective 03.jpg

Here are the Lexus Demo car, hill climb to time attack R35 GTR.

It was dark by the time we left and we were stuck in the famous LA traffic jam. Not a bad time to enjoy the sunset with my ATS twin plate carbon clutch. 

After having tacos all week, we decided to get some ramens at little Osaka.

Before we head home. we detour to Santa Monica for some GTA styled photos. 


This post pretty much sums up my trip in LA! Thank you again for Skyline Syndicate, R's day for hosting such an amazing event and hospitality. 

Bonus images: