BNR34 Los Angeles Tour 2017 Part I

After an amazing time spent at R's Day, Laguna Seca, we had to pack up right after to head down to our next destination - Los Angeles.  LA was a 5-6 hour drive from Monterey and it was definitely tough on everyone after spending a full day at the track event.  We had three gas + meal stops inbetween and thanks to my co-drive ManHin, we made it to Irvine by 2am.

 R34 Skyline GTR  laguna seca cw collective 5.jpg

It seriously would've been nice to have a trailer.  No matter how much I love the raw experience my R34 has to offer, driving this beast on the street for 6 hours was quite painful.  By the time we've reached LA, I started to question myself for agreeing to drive this car 21 hours back to Vancouver.Bayside blue R34 Skyline GTR  laguna seca cw collective 24.jpg

It was literally 4am after we unpacked and showered.  We had a short 'nap' of 3 hours and got up at 7 am for the Purist Group/AutoCon Winter Drive with Skyline Syndicate. And I got to thank, Lerry, for your hospitality and for offering your garage for my ride!Bayside blue R34 Skyline GTR  laguna seca cw collective 15.jpg

After meeting up with the Skyline Syndicate crew, we all cruised down to Industry Hills Expo Center for the Purist Group/AutoCon Winter Drive event.  This was a totally different experience than what I ever had back home.  We saw tons of cars that you would normally see in magazines.  The variety ranged from hypercar to FC with gas turbine. It was such an eye-opening experience.  Skyline Syndicate had a booth set up and we had such a good time reminiscing the R's Day track event - yes we can go on and on about this...

And here are my two favorite build - Sorcery NSX and Brendan @na_hero's ITB supra.  Build like this you will never see back home. 

And here I was, explaining my CW Collective carbon diffuser prototype to Victor and Sean. Remember to follow us for the official release date!  After the Winter Drive event, I went to check out Skyline Syndicate's secret HQ and it was VIP only.  Andy's Motored R33 GTR is also one of the cleanest R33 I've seen. And here is a sneak peek of the Pandem Rocket Bunny E36 M3. I was never a fan of the E36, but this one is truly special. Skyline Syndicate R33 CW collective 5.jpg

I paid a visit to Feal Suspension the next day.  It was my intention to have my Nismo R-tune coilovers rebuilt, another reason to have my car shipped to LA.  Odi offered us a tour around his shop and showed us all of the projects that they've been working on.  Odi and his team are an extremely knowledgeable bunch and I was confident that my coilovers were in good hands.  I originally planned to have them picked up before we leave LA, but unfortunately , they couldn't make it in time.  We have them arranged to be shipped back home and I can hardly wait to test how the R-tune will perform against my Ohlins DFV.

After our visit to Feal Suspension, we decided to head over to LMR development to check out my friend's Jason @apexapexpex FRS build.  If you think my R34 is a monster, Jason's FRS would be out of this world.  Jason has taken his build to a whole new level.







2JZ, Dry Sump, Wiggin clamps, fuel cell...etc. I mean who does that!? This guy was so evil.  He was peer pressuring me to get a Motec standalone, Wiggin clamps, titanium intake pipe etc. for the entire time that I was there.  He is the type of friend whom you wouldn't want to hang out with too often - not cool for your bank account.

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